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5 tips in selecting the right promotional products to get the most value from your investment.

Stick with Quality.

High quality promotional products can last for years and reflect a lasting high quality image on you and your organization. I have some clients that are still using products they got from me 10 years ago.


Have a Distribution Plan.

Who will receive the promotional item and how will it be distributed? One of the major benefits of using Promotional Products for business promotion is you have control over who receives them. Have a plan before you order.


Select the item based on your target audience.

Promotional products should be selected with the target recipient in mind. Too often items are selected because the boss likes a particular item and the actual recipient is an after thought.


Keep your message simple.

Promotional products are a powerful medium for business promotion but one area of limitation is the actual imprint size. Keep your ad copy simple and uncluttered so your client is reminded every time they use the item.


Tie it in.

Promotional Products provide a great opportunity to reinforce your brand. Use the same colors, fonts, and general look as on all your marketing material. Leverage all you’re business promotion to work together.


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  1. Gull

    Promotional Promotional Sewing/Manicure Kit is what I would love to win. I camp a lot with scouts and this would be nice to use for emecgenry repairs and do my nails in spare time. Thank You!!


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