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Admints & Zagabor started their company 15 years ago, by creating a 4 color process Mint Box box with 5 sides of advertising. This item put the company on the map and was a unique, one of a kind item. During a time when the Promotional Product Industry was not producing full color process as commonly as it is today and with the ever decreasing need for business cards, the Mint box allowed the opportunity to have an item that was useful and able to be seen more than just one time, as the box was filled with 20-25mints. Each time the user went to grab a mint, the box and spacious advertising was consistently viewed. This success led to a variety of other items from all different product categories including personal care, lanyards, and gourmet food.


In 2014 Admints decided to go back to their roots. The Mint Box is still the top selling item, but imagine the opportunities available with the help of growth, knowledge, and technology.. to try and create all kinds of boxes?  Enter: Custom Packaging. The company now has the capability to run orders from our stock designs as shown here (see attached) or can do FULL custom. Normally to do a custom piece, the minimum would be 10/20K and you would have tooling charges of $1500+. But Not with Admints! With minimums as low as 250 units, quick 7-10 day turnarounds, and full color capability printing, the Custom Packaging Line adds value  in so many ways to a variety of items; from standard give-away events and now in stores with retail stylization, The Custom Package line is the future of the industry!


Admints is not the kind of supplier, who just throws their products at you. They want to be more involved in Branding Solutions and participate more effectively, by providing comprehensive and thorough, strategic marketing and planning. Even across the country, with Admints help, and our consistent high quality service, the goal of bettering service to clients by being a more-involved partner is easier than ever!


See the Admints Zagabor products here!


Tommy Grizzaffi

Inside Account Manager – Admints Zagabor

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    The Travel duffel bag I alywas seem to pack stuff wherever I go, I even carry a jacket on a hot summer day. I dont know why but I alywas do.


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