Personalized Business Gifts

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Personalized business gifts have far more meaning. Personalized business gifts have way more impact because they impart an extra measure of recognition! Have you ever received a personalized business gift with your name on it? If you answered yes, didn’t it give you a great feeling? The fact is, most companies don’t go to the… Read more »

5 tips to select the right promotional item.

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5 tips in selecting the right promotional products to get the most value from your investment. Stick with Quality. High quality promotional products can last for years and reflect a lasting high quality image on you and your organization. I have some clients that are still using products they got from me 10 years ago…. Read more »


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Admints & Zagabor started their company 15 years ago, by creating a 4 color process Mint Box box with 5 sides of advertising. This item put the company on the map and was a unique, one of a kind item. During a time when the Promotional Product Industry was not producing full color process as… Read more »