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We all understand the impact of internet marketing. But has your business explored the opportunities to be found via the outernet? Utilizing Mobile App Marketing with Augmented Reality, the outernet is in your hands and includes four very important interconnected, interdependent components:


  • Mobile
  • App
  • Marketing
  • Augmented Reality



The term mobile when associated with smartphones is simply this: your phone is always on, always connected and always with you – making the human-machine union inseparable. And if there is ever any doubt about this human-machine alliance claim, try taking a phone away from a teenager. For marketers, this phenomenon represents an extraordinary opportunity. First, marketers now have a way to keep in touch with existing customers by way of mobile devices via apps, but it also enables unprecedented access to potential customers, keeping them engaged, informed, and biased when making purchasing decisions.


The Mobile App

The Mobile App is to the consumer what the toolbox is to the carpenter. It is a collection of tools that enables the carpenter to practice his trade, and for a consumer of goods, services and information, it allows them to effectively live their lives in modern society. For a mobile application to have lasting value, it must abide by three guiding principles:


  1. Solve a problem.

Every successful product solves a problem. We all know that vitamins have a positive impact if you take them regularly. But if you miss a dose, there’s no harm done. However, if you’ve got a bad headache, an Aspirin becomes a must-have product, without which, you’d suffer far longer.


Your App needs to be the Aspirin that people need.


There are two ways to look at problems that can be solved. You can solve either the intrinsic problems (think the Flashlight app) or the ones that are enhancements (think The Weather Channel app with a sleek user-friendly interface). Each of these approaches works equally well as long as it satisfies a need for consumers.


  1. Be intuitive.

Are you making life simpler for your user? Is your mobile app intuitive? Can people figure out how to use your app within seconds to minutes without any guidance? You want to offer users a fantastic experience.


  1. Start marketing in advance.

Don’t make the mistake of starting your marketing plan once your app is developed. Successful apps are promoted way before they even hit the app store and more importantly, they are an integral part of your marketing plan.



Marketing is a tightly integrated effort to discover, create, arouse and satisfy customer needs. By definition, marketing has less to do with getting customers to pay for your product or service and more to do with developing a demand for that product or service by fulfilling the customer’s needs. Marketing in the digital App age is a game changer because marketers can now track and predict potential customer behaviors through the use of analytics. The analytics collected on app users will tell marketers what works well and where there is need for improvement in their marketing strategy. Tightly integrating a mobile app is a crucial element of any successful marketing strategy.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a real-time, live view – direct or indirect – of the physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. As a result, the technology enhances the current perception of reality. By contrast, Virtual Reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. AR exists in the world you are walking around in, not a virtual world.


Another positive impact of AR on direct marketing (DM) is that it makes it easy to measure the impact of a DM campaign. You can’t tell if someone actually read your marketing piece or is utilizing your branded merchandise, but with AR, you can see exactly who accessed the AR content, when, from what device, and how long they interacted with it. Augmented Reality opens a new window to engage customers and prospects, offering more profound experiences and more enticing, compelling calls to action.


As with all new technology, it’s prudent to move cautiously to avoid making costly mistakes. Here are some guidelines for using AR to make your DM success a reality:


  • Start—and stick with—a sound strategy. Consider all the elements of your campaign and calibrate how AR will apply to and complement each component.


  • Be discerning. Don’t do it if it doesn’t deliver an amazing, not-available-anywhere-else experience for your audience. Resist the urge to latch onto AR if you cannot deliver a truly unique and memorable customer experience.


  • Be sure your Call to Action is worth responding to. Educate. If you offer a coupon, deal, or discount, personalize it just for them. Give them access and exclusivity that CANNOT be obtained anywhere else.

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