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Personalized business gifts have far more meaning.

Personalized business gifts have way more impact because they impart an extra measure of recognition! Have you ever received a personalized business gift with your name on it? If you answered yes, didn’t it give you a great feeling? The fact is, most companies don’t go to the extra work of personalizing the gifts they give. It’s just too much trouble.

The fact that others don’t take the trouble to give personalized gifts is one of the best reasons you should.

Personalization reinforces the positive message a gift imparts. It is the ultimate recognition and sends a clear message of respect, friendship, and gratitude. I would even suggest that it is better to give a less expensive gift that is personalized than one of higher value that is not.

Personalized business gifts – How to keep your costs down.

Personalization does add to the cost of a gift but this can be mitigated by your gift selection. Concentrate on selecting a gift that can be imprinted using a personalization friendly process.

Laser Engraving with Personalization –

Many produces lend themselves to laser engraving. The nice thing about laser engraving is it only adds about $1.00 each to personalize during a production run.

Embroidery –

The cost of embroidering an individual’s name is $5.00 each. This isn’t all that inexpensive but the advantage of embroidery is there is no minimum order. You could order a stock of items with your logo embroidered and then add individual’s names on an as needed basis. Say for example you want to give a gift to client who has just given you a great referral. If you have tote bags in stock with your corporate message already embroidered you can just add their name of one of the bags you have in stock and give a great personalized gift. Click here is see a complete line of apparel and accessories that can be embroidered.

Variable data printing – Calendars

This technology is now available on advertising calendars, T-shirts, and other gift items.


Rod Mitchell – Super Value Gift Line by CX&B United

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