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Do you have a power team?

No matter how large or small your company, if you want to be at the top of your sales game you’ve got to assemble a power team. 

A power team is a group of non competitive sales pros who serve the same type of client but do not compete with one another. With a power team when you are in front of a client you are able to provide answers to all kinds of issues. The value you bring is enhanced  by virtue of the other businesses you have a relationship with.

 For example, I sell promotional products and promotional programs. I have on my team a graphic designer, web development designer, a brand stratgist, large and small format printers, an event manager, a trade show exhibit  designer and builder, and a marketing consultant. I also have a photographer, videographer and a 3d printer for prototyping. Having a group of professionals i know and trust makes me a better resource for my clients.

It’s important to meet regularly with your team so you begin to get a deep knowledge of what they do and what they have to offer. It’s also great for getting sales referrals and new creative ideas. 

All in all having a team is a great way to build sales and deliver more for your clients.

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