Adding client value

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Most promotional products buyers will tell you, it’s easy to order products. What’s more important is the success of the promotion in achieving its objectives. At our company we want to add value to the entire promotional process for clients. We get involved as early as possible in the creation of a campaign. The 6… Read more »

B2B sales magic

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B2B buyers like to do business with people they know and trust. Did you know that 92% of business people delete email from people they don’t know? 77% of B2B buyers won’t call you back till they check you out online. If the cold call is dead than how do sales people prospect and build… Read more »

Power Team Sales

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Do you have a power team? No matter how large or small your company, if you want to be at the top of your sales game you’ve got to assemble a power team.  A power team is a group of non competitive sales pros who serve the same type of client but do not compete… Read more »