Adding client value

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Most promotional products buyers will tell you, it’s easy to order products. What’s more important is the success of the promotion in achieving its objectives. At our company we want to add value to the entire promotional process for clients. We get involved as early as possible in the creation of a campaign. The 6… Read more »

School gear

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Retro Lunch Box

Do you know where to get that school spirit sweatshirt you wanted? This Los Angeles promotional products company provides schools with their own web store so there is one centralized place to go to order school merchandise. The program essentially provides a way for schools to earn money on their merchandise sales without being in… Read more »

Quality art in business

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I love meeting interesting and talented people. It’s one of the best things about being a sales person. Katie  Phillips in Long Beach is a prime example. I contacted her because she is a graphic designer and wanted to add her as a business Referral contact. After talking with her it became apparent she is… Read more »


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If you got 6 or more right answers you win!  Please send us an email and let us know your score. Be sure to let us know where to send your prize. Thank you to all who participate in our promo quiz.

The 6 Elements of Super Value

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The best we can be since 1970.

What is Super Value in a promotional products supplier? Here’s our definition: Low Prices Fast Service Complete Solutions Responsibility 45 Years Experience Turn-Key Service Thank you!

The right supplier partner

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Ronald Reagan with a young Russian tourist and Vladimir Putin when he was a KGB spy.

The picture above shows a much younger Vladimir Putin in the background when he was a KGB spy as Ronald Reagan greets a Russian tourist. It’s good to know who you are dealing with. It’s no secret that business is far less personal than it was 5 years ago. It’s so easy to shop and… Read more »