Ronald Reagan with a young Russian tourist and Vladimir Putin when he was a KGB spy.

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The picture above shows a much younger Vladimir Putin in the background when he was a KGB spy as Ronald Reagan greets a Russian tourist.

It’s good to know who you are dealing with. It’s no secret that business is far less personal than it was 5 years ago. It’s so easy to shop and compare prices today that if you aren’t careful you’ll end up dealing with companies you’re not familiar with.

That would be fine if things always went as planned. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Having The Right Supplier Partner Makes All The Difference!

One of the things I have always enjoyed is getting to know our clients. Having a clear understanding of a particular clients processes, goals, and objectives helps us deliver far more value and it makes our work more meaningful and fulfilling.

Having the right supplier is just as important as having the right employee. A good thing to keep in mind when shopping vendors.

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